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   this is your conspiracy theory. mutter it in bars, scream it on street corners, keep it to yourself for fear of reprisals from the British Royal Family, do what you want with it. good luck.

   please note: we can't guarantee a coherent theory. it may even be self-contradictory. this hasn't mattered to generations of conspiracy theorists, why should it matter to you?


   "Why can't anyone see that Ian Paisley is being spied on by the British Royal Family? It's all so that the Venusian ambassador, hidden in a secret HQ near the Texas School Book Depository can hide the evidence of CIA mind experiments. After that, the British Royal Family will bring us all under the sway of an alien supermind when the disorder caused by the Venusian ambassador reaches a peak. The only thing we can do is let the Dalai Llama put together a militia to stop them. "

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